How to make a good movie without money

Analysis of the characteristics of good cheap movies and how to make them

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We are going to bring you on an amazing journey inside the Hollywood world. Enjoy the reading.

Drama story

Please, pretend to be an emerging movie director. You are young with no experience at all, but you studied hard at the renowned Action-Drama Academy, commonly known as ADA. You just graduated. That night you get drunk with your friends, you are celebrating your achievement. Your phone rings. An agent from Hollywood is calling you. You are too high to really understand what is happening, the only neuron that is left says: “It is probably just a fake call”. Therefore, you confidently pretend to be the best student in history.

You wake up, it is 2 P.M. and you have no recollection of these events. Suddenly, a message arrives: “Thank you for the nice talk. As we discussed yesterday, I will come back to you for your movie proposal next year. You dispose of a rather modest budget and you are free to make whatever choice you want. Good luck.”

Now that all of your neurons are awake you understand the big problem you have: you are asked to produce a CHEAP movie (otherwise it would have been too easy). You know that if you miss this chance, all of your hard work at the academy is going to be wasted. It is time for big responsibilities. Do you want to make a difference in the history of movie?

You have no idea where to start, there are so many different kinds of movies. Which one will bring you success? During your studies, someone told you that there is a consulting company that helps young directors to reach fame after graduation. You look through your stuff, the business card is still there:

You immediately send an email to Ms. Monani. You receive a fast answer, which is already a good sign. You schedule a meeting with the boss of the NoLemonNoMelon company in a few days.

The day has come, 2 minutes before the meeting time you click on the zoom link Lorance gave you. Of course, you haven’t updated zoom, so you connect late (otherwise it would have been too easy). During the discussion you and Ms. Monani make a deal: she is going to collect and analyse all the movie data she finds in order to provide you with insights into what kind of movie you should produce. In exchange you will pay her 5% of your revenue.

Ms. Monani and her amazing team work day and night to present the analysis as soon as possible.

After 2 weeks you receive an envelope with the results from the consulting company you hired.


Dear future movie director,

Me and my team worked full-time to provide you with this report. We hope you are going to appreciate the analysis we made.

We stay at your disposal for any additional questions.

Best regards,

Lorance Monani


In this report you will find a detailed study of the relationship between movie rating, revenue, and budget throughout the last 60 years. We also analysed the genres in order to give you an idea about which movie type is more likely to obtain good rating and high revenue. Lastly, we were interested in low budget movies with high revenue and ratings. We investigated possible common characteristics of these movies and how they evolve with time.

In the conclusion part, you will find our suggestion for creating an amazing movie with a low budget.


We gathered a huge collection of movies from the past century and the beginning of this century. A CMU Movie Summary Corpus served as our base dataset. To enable a complete overview of the movie distribution, we completed it using data from IMDB, TMDB, Wikipedia and corrected monetary values using inflation data. The next figure gives an idea of the number of movies in each year that are contained in the database used for the analysis.The number of movies produced in the twenty-first century has skyrocketed, exceeding 10,000 per year.